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Meeting Date: April 6, 2021 6:30 pm


Zoom meeting Online: or By Telephone
Dial (669) 900-6833 to Join the Meeting
Then Enter This Webinar ID: 898 5552 2970 and Press #

Every person wishing to address the Neighborhood Council must dial  (669) 900-6833, and enter 898 5552 2970 and then press # to join the webinar. Instructions on how to sign up for public comment will be given to listeners at the start of the meeting.

PUBLIC INPUT AT NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL MEETINGS – The public is requested to dial *9, when prompted by the presiding officer, to address the Board on any agenda item before the Board takes an action on an item. Comments from the public on agenda items will be heard only when the respective item is being considered. Comments from the public on other matters not appearing on the agenda that are within the Board’s jurisdiction will be heard during the General Public Comment period.   Please note that under the Brown Act, the Board is prevented from acting on a matter that you bring to its attention during the General Public Comment period; however, the issue raised by a member of the public may become the subject of a future Board meeting. Public comment is limited to 1 minutes per speaker, unless adjusted by the presiding officer of the Board.

Meeting Place
  1. Call to Order 
  2. Salute the Flag 
  3. Introductions
  4. Consent Calendar: (The following items will be treated as one item and enacted with one vote unless a Board member or a stakeholder requests that an item be placed on the Discussion Calendar.)
    1. Approval of Minutes of previous Board meeting.
    2. Receive and file the Treasurer’s Report and MER for February 2021.
    3. Motion to accept resignation of Naomi Waka as Treasurer.
    4. Motion to move Brian Lockwood from the Residential District 15 Seat and appoint him to the Residential District 13 Seat since he has moved during his tenure.
    5. Motion to appoint Brian Lockwood as Treasurer.
    6. Motion to appoint Chip Mallek to the Residential District 15 Seat.
    7. Motion to appoint Chip Mallek to the Public Safety Committee.
    8. Motion to oppose the proposal by the City’s Chief Administrative Officer (Rich Llewellyn), to raise the fee for a citizen (or a community group, such as an HOA) to file an appeal of any city land use (or Building & Safety) decision, from the current $89 to the discriminatory amount of $16,097.  This amount that has no basis in reality will prohibit the majority of stakeholders in the City of Los Angeles from having meaningful access to any city land use appeal procedure.  Council File 09-0969-S3 It has been passed by – Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council (modified version), Del Rey Neighborhood Council (modified version), Mar Vista Community Council (modified version), Pacific Palisades Community Council, Westside Neighborhood Council, Westwood Neighborhood Council. Background included here: 
  5. Presentations
    1. Welcome Councilman Mike Bonin to discuss his recent Motion “Addressing our homelessness crisis requires a wide range of solutions, applied urgently and simultaneously, targeting different populations and focusing a variety of resources, across the City of Los Angeles” and related matters.  The Motion is currently pending in the Homelessness and Poverty Committee, you can read the entire motion here under Council File 21-0350
  6. Announcements from Governmental Representative (limit to 3 minutes please)
  7. Announcements from Board Members
  8. Discussion Calendar and related Public comment
  9. Public Comment – non-agenda items (limited to 1 minute per speaker unless otherwise declared by the President or presiding director.  Public comment on agendized items will be called as each agenda item is brought forward.) 
  10. Committee Reports
  11. Adjourn

Next Meeting: 05/04/2021 6:30 pm
Next Meeting Highlights:

Relevant Files:

This agenda has the following attachments:

  • Draft NCWP Minutes 03-21
  • Treasurer Resignation Letter
  • NCWP Treasurer Report 04.01.2021
  • Feb2021MER
  • Homeless Motion Bonin_Ridley-Thomas