Neighborhood WatchNeighborhood Watch has been around for many years in various forms. Today, it is one of the most popular and successful of all efforts to prevent residential crime. Neighborhood Watch:

  • Creates a greater awareness of crime
  • Increases reporting of crime and suspicious activity
  • Serves as a warning to criminals
  • Promotes neighborliness
  • Provides residents with information about crime patterns and trends that may be a threat to them
  • Provides an opportunity to form emergency preparedness plans as a group of neighbors.

If your neighborhood does not have a program, talk with several neighbors about starting one to determine if there is interest. You can request assistance in setting up your group on our website at, or you can contact the Community Relations Office of the LAPD Pacific Division at 310-202-4524 or the LAPD Pacific Division Senior Lead Officers at 310-202-4515.

The Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa (NCWP) believes that efforts of the community through Neighborhood Watch programs are a key element of public safety. When neighbors band together to look out for one another, there is a greater sense of community and a partnership for a safer neighborhood is formed.

Proper Approvals
The City of Los Angeles has a procedure for processing requests to install “Neighborhood Watch Signs.” The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have been working together to assist neighborhood watch groups in obtaining Neighborhood Watch Signs and installation within the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles. Under the procedure, neighborhood watch groups will continue to be responsible for all costs associated with sign fabrication and installation, but the work will now be performed by authorized contractors instead of DOT. The application and detailed procedures are available at

Block Captains
To support the Neighborhood Watch efforts our community, the LAPD holds Block Captain meetings at the LAPD Pacific Area station. Contact LAPD-Pacific Area Community Relations at 310-202-2890 or the LAPD Pacific Division Senior Lead Officers at 310-202-4515 for information. You can also contact our Public Safety Committee for assistance.

Neighborhood Watch Programs are very effective against crime. Your Neighborhood Council encourages you to take pride in your neighborhood and actively partner with your neighbors and the LAPD through Neighborhood Watch to keep our community safe.

Emergency Preparedness
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