Committee Members:

Dave Mannix, Chair
Dennis Miller
Julie Ross
Scott Carni
Glenda Silva


Meeting date: as needed

Mission: Proactively handles all issues relating to LAX and its impact on the communities served by the NCWP.

Goal: To protect the quality of life in our community.

LAX Resources

Construction is underway for the LAX Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP), which means you should stay in the know about roadwork. Want to make sure you know about all of the construction activities taking place? Then sign up for the LAMP mailing list! Just visit and subscribe! It’s the best way to stay in the know on the progress of the people mover and how to maneuver through the roadway work.

We want you to be prepared for the new infrastructure coming to LAX, but we know that construction can get in the way. To help you plan ahead for your trips to the airport, here’s a handy list of projects that are currently underway on the roadways in and around LAX that could affect your drive.

Construction advisories: 

LAWA’s News Releases:

For up to date press releases please visit for LAWA’s News Releases.

HireLAX Academy: 

The HireLAX Program provides local residents access to enroll in a comprehensive, construction apprenticeship preparation program offered by select public agencies or community partners. Upon completion, program graduates are competitively positioned for placement consideration on a LAWA construction project through its contractors and local craft unions. Veterans and women are strongly encouraged to participate in the program. For more information please contact

Visit the HireLAX site at:

LAX Aircraft Noise Management Program: 

Los Angeles World Airports is committed to minimizing noise impacts from aircraft in neighboring communities and has worked with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and in partnership with adjacent cities to develop programs that address this important issue.

LAX Fly Quieter Program

LAWA announced the launch of their LAX Fly Quieter Program at LAX. To minimize noise for our surrounding communities at LAX, the Fly Quieter Program (FPQ) is an education and recognition program designed to encourage commercial airlines to comply with LAX noise abatement procedures, use quieter aircraft, and take voluntary measures where feasible, by evaluating and scoring these efforts. The program was created to acknowledge those airlines that make the best effort to operate as quietly as possible and be a good neighbor. For more information please visit:…

Need to log a noise complaint?…

For more information on LAWA’s Noise Management Program please visit their Noise Management Program page at: 

LAX Northside and Airport Police:

LAX Northside Planning Documents:

To view all of the planning documents for the LAX Northside please visit:…

Questions about the LAX Northside Open Space Opportunities? 

Please visit the following site:…

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Board of Airport Commission Meetings:

Construction Hotline: (310) 649-LAWA (5292)

Sustainability at LAX: 

As the international gateway in our region, Los Angeles World Airports is committed to setting the global airport standard for customer satisfaction and security, regional economic leadership and organizational performance. Building on our core values, we will engage our employees, tenants, customers, and communities in an effort to continually improve our environmental, economic and social performance.

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA)’s commitment to advancing sustainability at our airports and in local communities is reflected in the organization’s ongoing efforts to collaborate, deliver results, and drive innovation over the past years.

Visit LAWA’s Sustainability page at: 

LAX Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires the adoption of a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) to reduce the severity and magnitude of potentially significant environmental impacts associated with a development project.

Under the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Specific Plan, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is required to publish annual progress reports for adopted MMRPs. The annual MMRP progress reports provide an update on applicable mitigation activities, policies, and programs that have been or are being implemented.

To view the LAX Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs click here:…

LAX Dunes Restoration Project:

Click here for more information:…

Environmental Planning Documents: 

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Be Informed in Real Time

Even during the super peaks, traffic and other conditions at the airport will fluctuate throughout the day. The @FlyLAXStats Twitter account provides regular updates on traffic conditions and parking availability at CTA garages and Economy Lot E. This real time data can also be found at, which also has predictions for traffic congestion throughout the day in addition to the real time information.