Neighborhood Council Westchester/Playa
Airport Relations Committee
Meeting Notes – April 19, 2012

ARC members present: Danna Cope, Craig Eggers, Kathyrn Evans, Terry Marcellus, Nora Maclellen, Mark Redick, Denny Schneider, Chad Molnar.

MTA – Green Line to LAX

Update included the information that the MTA was taking point on most transportation infrastructure efforts as was noted in the Mayor’s recent budget address asking to keep the sales tax.

MTA noted that they had reduced the number of transportation options from 27 down to 3 or 4 (with minor variations).

We went around the room and asked for everyone’s thoughts concerning the revised list. The prevailing opinion showed a preference for light rail systems rather than busses to get into and around LAX.

The ARC is not ready to issue any written position concerning any plans specifically related to this topic.

LAX Sign District

We listened to Lisa Trifiletti provide a summary of the planned sign district ordinance. The discussion centered on insuring that the concerns listed below will be included is the sign district ordinance.

The ARC reviewed our shared concerns about the pending sign district ordinance:

1. Visibility – No electronic or light enhanced signs should be visible to areas outside of CTA by the surrounding community.

2. Overlap between jurisdiction plans – Need more clarification showing relationship between LAX Plan, LAX Specific Plan, and LAX Tenant Signage Standards.

3. Mobile advertising – No mobile advertising at LAX or on its adjacent properties.

4. Signage location and size – Greater specificity of sign district boundaries and limits of number of signs to ensure no visual distraction to vehicles travelling within CTA.

5. Dual-purpose signage – Recommend ability to change signs for use as emergency communications.

6. Building code compliance – Need limits on weight of signs and their locations to insure that proper engineering is done where posted. ie issue created when ballards were put onto upper roadway, which caused problems with overweight stresses.

7. Limitations and rules – Wording to ensure that sign district criteria will not we expanded to other parts of LAWA property or around LAX without MAJOR study.

8. Coordination – How will signage be coordinated with rest of CTA and terminal areas?

9. Future amendments – Will this sign district cover new types of area signs like those embedded into pavement or other emerging signage technology.

10. Permission and/or type of advertising – who decides and how is it decided?

CD 11 expressed concern about signage visibility from Sepulveda Blvd. and whether event banners were included alond same.

The ARC is not ready to issue any written position concerning any plans specifically related to this topic.

Northside Plan Update

Presented by Lisa Trifiletti. The primary feedback we provided was urging LAWA to do more outreach to the condominium community, especially on the west end for the project.

No action was necessary at this time.


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