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NCWP Bylaws BYLAWS 2018

NCWP Minutes

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NCWP Standing Rules


The Brown Act and Neighborhood Councils

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City Attorney’s opinion protecting the privacy of stakeholders personal information
Opinion by the LA City Attorney (12-06-04)

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City Attorney urges city policy makers to revisit the vision of Neighborhood Councils
and strategically chart a course that allows them to realize that vision (2-03-04)

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USC School of Policy
Neighborhood Participation Project
Mid Term Status Report on Neighborhood Councils (60 page, 1.5 MB)

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Article IX of the
Los Angeles City Charter

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Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils

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Frequently Viewed Ordinances

Oversize vehicles (Ord 177876)

Community Design Overlay
A Community Design Overlay District (CDO) is a tool used for a distinct geographic area to improve and/or preserve the quality of building and site design through the application of Design Guidelines and Standards. Design Guidelines and Standards, developed for each CDO, provide guidance and direction in the design of buildings by addressing physical elements such as color and materials, landscape, facade and wall treatments, and site orientation.

Overview of Community Design Overlay
Downtown Westchester Community Design Overlay
Loyola Village Community Design Overlay
Culver Blvd. Community Design Overlay

Neighborhood Council Forms

Public comment form

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Budget and Finance Forms and Documents

Instructions for Community Improvement Funds and Neighborhood Purposes Grants

Community Improvement Projects Application EDITABLE

Neighborhood Purposes Grant Application – for Non-Profits and Public Schools

Expense Reimbursement Policy

Board Member Expense Reimbursement Form

Motion submittal form (internal use only)

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Neighborhood Council Misc. Information

Web Site and Email Announcements Policy

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Board Documents

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 NC Ethics Training and Code of Conduct, req. every 2 years for all board members

Ethics Certifications expire 2 years after the date taken.
California Government Code Section 53235, Neighborhood Councils board members are required to take an Ethics training consisting of 2 hour, at least every 2 years.
Code of Conduct trainings expire 2 years after the date signed.
As Per Policy Number 2014-2(1), a boardmember has 30 days to complete their Code of Conduct training. If a newly elected boardmember does not complete the Code of Conduct training within the 30 day time frame, that boardmember will be suspended from their Neighborhood Council, cannot act on any Neighborhood Council matters, and cannot be counted towards establishing a quorum for the Neighborhood Council. If the Code of Conduct is not completed within 30 days of suspension, the boardmember will be removed from the Neighborhood Council board.

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NC Finance Training, req. every 2 years for all board members

Any Funding trainings completed before July 1, 2018 will expire June 30, 2020. Any Funding trainings completed after July 1, 2018 will expire in 2 years from the date taken.
Every boardmember must complete the Ethics, NC Board Member Funding, and Code of Conduct trainings to be eligible to vote on financial matters. Please review the Neighborhood Council Funding Policies here.
Any Funding trainings completed before July 1, 2018 will expire June 30, 2020. Any Funding trainings completed after July 1, 2018 will expire in 2 years from the date taken.

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