The Neighborhood Council is pleased the Westchester SafeParking LA 90-day pilot program has opened. Each night patrons now have a safe place to park their vehicles and get a good night’s sleep. First priority is given to women and women with children experiencing homelessness in their vehicles. A safe and supportive nighttime environment is essential so that patrons can focus on securing more permanent housing. Located in an enclosed municipal lot by Councilman Mike Bonin’s District Office, there’s space for 5 vehicles. Hours of operation are from 10pm to 6:30am. Nightly security is provided as well on-site restroom facilities. Program participation also includes engagement with a social services provider, working to find a more permanent place to call home.

As folks settle into the Safe Parking program, the Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee looks forward to meeting and welcoming the patrons to our neighborhood.

Safe Parking Pilot Program Fact Sheet

Founded in 2016, Safe Parking LA is a coordinating organization for the community which assists homeless individuals living in their vehicles. We support the implementation of “Safe Parking Lots”, which provide individuals a safe place to park each night, restroom access, a security guard, and social service resources.

Safe Parking Program was developed based off the New Beginnings Santa Barbara Safe Parking Program that has been in operation since 2004. By partnering with the City of Santa Barbara, local churches, and non-profit organizations, New Beginnings is able to provide 133 safe parking sports to individuals each night. Like New Beginnings, Safe Parking LA provides confidential, daily-monitored parking places for those who are living in their vehicles with current proof of a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance.

In March of 2018 Safe Parking LA opened its first Safe Parking lot in Koreatown. A second Safe Parking lot for veterans only was opened in April of 2018 at the Department of Veteran Affairs Campus in Los Angeles. As of mid June 2018, a third site has been opened in Hollywood.