Project Update

Project Milestones and Current Activities along Via Marina, Marquesas Way & Via Dolce

The VDFM Project Team is pleased to share that significant project milestones have been reached, bringing the project closer to completion on the north end of the project alignment at Shaft 6 – Via Marina at Northwest Passage, Shaft 8 – Via Marina at Tahiti Way, Shaft 9 – Via Marina at Marquesas Way, and Shaft 10 – Marquesas Way at Via Dolce.

This includes backfilling of some shafts and hydrostatic testing of the new sewer line. Tasks currently underway include deconstruction and demobilization activities.

These milestones and current tasks bring us close to final restoration and reopening of the roadway, which will be scheduled soon. Upon confirmation of dates for final completion, an update will be sent out with that information. 

Project description:

LA Sanitation & Environment is constructing a new 54-inch diameter pressurized sewer line from Venice to the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant in Playa del Rey to replace the existing 50-year-old sewer line. Construction activities include micro tunneling between sewer access points (shafts) to create a tunnel for installation of sewer pipeline segments.

Project Notice