Feb 28, 2013 – This message comes to you from the LAPD.  The burglaries are hitting in Mar Vista, Del Rey and Palms areas, but can very easily happen here too.  Please be cautious and skeptical if you get a knock on your door as described below.  If you did not call to make an appointment, send them away.  Call DWP or whom ever they claim to represent to verify that they are for real BEFORE you let them in the door or in your yard.  Your safety is most important.  Please share this on to your friends and neighbors. As the suspects are specifically targeting the elderly, please share this with those who do not have email too. 
Thank you and be safe – Cyndi Hench

message from LAPD Detective Gibson…
There has been an uptick in distraction burglaries.  The suspects in these incidents have been either white or hispanic males who claim to be DWP workers or construction workers.  They will claim to be fixing a neighbor’s fence or painting or completing work for the DWP.  Their targets have been the elderly.  They have hit in A25, A45 and A27 areas in the most recent burglaries, which have occurred over the past few weeks.  Although we don’t get a lot, we are averaging about 1-2 a week over the past few weeks.