This Community Design Overlay (“CDO”) draft was prepared by Daisy Allen, UCLA graduate student, on behalf of Los Angeles Council District 11.  You are encouraged to send all comments and questions regarding this document to Daisy Allen at:  This public comment period is now closed.  This document will be revised based on public comments and the final version will be presented at a meeting following the public comment period.  To receive information about this meeting, please contact:

What is a Community Design Overlay (CDO)? A CDO is a set of design goals, guidelines and standards that can serve to guide and/or regulate new development within a specific area. The Downtown Playa del Rey CDO will regulate new private development along Culver Boulevard between Nicolson Avenue and the beach. This document will be a supplement to the Westchester/Playa del Rey Community Master Plan.

What does the CDO regulate? A CDO controls design features of new buildings and streetscape. Design guidelines can be broad or specific. The Downtown Playa del Rey CDO will be regulating building and open space orientation, architectural massing and detailing, landscaping, lighting, signage, and parking and accessway design.

What is the process for creating a CDO? The CDO is a community-driven document. Playa del Rey stakeholders have been meeting to discuss this CDO. Meetings are facilitated by Council District 11 staff. There will be two more stakeholder meetings in March and April 2012, as well as a public comment period from March to April where community members who cannot attend the meetings will be able to comment on the document through a link on the Westchester/Playa del Rey Neighborhood Council website. In May 2012, Council District 11 will submit a draft CDO to the Planning Department. The Planning Department will hold an additional public meeting and fifi nalize the document.