The community’s response to our request to be the “Eyes and Ears” for the police has been overwhelming positive and productive.  Please extend my gratitude and continued support of everyone’s efforts.  This Community/Police Partnership is the foundation for reducing crime and making our communities safer.
I also wanted to clarify some safety concerns for all our residents so there is no confusion and everyone understands the importance of never compromising their personal safety while attempting to provide the police with information involving suspicious activity, suspect(s) and/or vehicle(s) descriptions, etc. 
If someone is witnessing what they believe to be suspicious activity (possible crime in progress), i.e., unfamiliar vehicle driving around their neighborhood and possible suspect(s) exiting the vehicle and looking into backyards, knocking on doors/windows, person acting as a lookout, etc.  This should be considered suspicious criminal activity.  And based on the recent residential burglaries in the area, this would be considered a likely crime in progress (Knock Knock Burglary). 
The safe and prudent response by all residents with these same circumstances would be to call 911 and provide the PSR (dispatcher) with the suspect(s) description/location, vehicle information and license plate number, if possible.  If the suspect(s) flee the location their direction of travel.  This should all be done from a safe distance and preferably from within their locked residence.
Residents should normally not confront the suspect(s) nor attempt to detain them. But rather provide dispatch with an update on the suspect(s) last known location and direction of travel.
I really appreciate the incredible response by everyone, but they should never put their personal safety as risk.
I’ve included SLOs Garcia and Richardson so they can discuss these safety concerns at any upcoming community/neighborhood watch meetings.
Thanks again for all your help and support.

Brian P. Johnson, Captain
Commanding Officer
Pacific Area
Los Angeles Police Department


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