The Neighborhood Council of Westchester Playa (“NCWP”) considered the proposed project for the La Tijera Apartments located at 7407 La Tijera, Westchester, CA (corner of La Tijera Blvd. and 74th Street) at our full meeting on 2/5/2013 as it relates to their request for approval of an SB1818 Density Bonus and Site Plan Review entitlement.

The NCWP supports the application with the following conditions:

1)     Developer shall provide an 8-foot tall wall along the property line where the site abuts adjacent R1-1 properties. This will be in addition to the existing property line walls currently located on these R1-1 properties.

2)     Developer shall maintain the 10’0” strip of R1-1 on its property as a landscaped buffer. Trees planted within this buffer shall be of a size adequate to provide additional screening beyond the above referenced property wall. (Trees shall be 36” box.)

3)     Developer shall provide additional on-site parking (a third subterranean level) to increase the total amount of parking on-site to 241 stalls. The project will exceed code-required parking by 76 stalls.

4)     All deliveries to the building shall occur on-site. In the event a delivery truck exceeds the height limit of the garage or otherwise cannot be accommodated on-site, the delivery shall be scheduled for a time that shall not impact a.m. or p.m. peak hour traffic – in these instances deliveries shall occur no earlier than 10a.m., nor later than 4 p.m. 

5)     Trash pick-up shall be scheduled for a time that shall not impact a.m. or p.m. peak hour traffic – trash pick-up shall occur no earlier than 10 a.m., nor later than 4p.m. 

6)     Developer shall market thirteen (13) very-low income units to senior citizens.

7)     Developer shall upgrade the signalization at the intersection of 74th Street and La Tijera, specifically with regard to the left-turn pocket at W/B La Tijera (into the Osage neighborhood). Upgrades to include the provision of a left-hand turn-signal from W/B La Tijera to S/B 74th Street (into the Osage neighborhood).

8)     Developer shall provide for a phased (3-way) intersection at the intersection of 74th Street and La Tijera. Traffic traveling along 74th (in either direction) will have a green light while opposing traffic will be stopped at a red-light.

9)     Developer shall post “No Parking” signs along the south-side of 74th Street adjacent to its project.

10)   Developer will coordinate with the Westchester Streetscape Association to formulate and design plans for the rehabilitation and improvement of landscaping along La Tijera.


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