There has been a 144% increase in burglaries in L.A. since the
state of California started letting criminals out of prison due to overcrowding.

These guys are professional and have even been hitting houses with armed 
guard services, knowing the response time is often protracted.  Make 
sure to lock all doors and windows and if someone knocks on your door 
during the day or night, ask who it is and DO NOT open the door.  They 
go around to homes with one guy knocking on the front door while another 
goes around to the back to find entry into the home.  If there is no 
answer, they will break in.  If someone knocks on your door who claims 
they are dropping off a package then tell them they can leave it at the 

Remember, don’t open the door to anyone during the day or at night and 
keep doors and windows locked at all times!


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