NCWP Homeless meeting 3/28 Westchester Community Room
Representatives of the Neighborhood Council, 2nd District Supervisorial Staff, CD-11 Staff, LAPD, Westchester Parks and Recreation Board, PATH and community members met to discuss a plan to address homeless issues in Westchester Park.  Most participants agreed that the increased number of people living in the park coupled with the threatening behavior and illegal actions of a few have resulted in the community’s reticence to use the Park, Senior Center, Westchester Municipal offices and the Library.
The majority expressed legitimate concern for the park inhabitants who were homeless for economic and health misfortune but do their best to make the Park safer.  However, the City, County and law enforcement officials stated that the regulations barring overnight parking and sleeping in the Park cannot be selectively enforced.  It was, therefore, agreed that that in the interest of all who use the Park, those regulations would need to be strictly enforced.  This action is scheduled to take place before April 15th after sufficient notice has been given.
In an effort to help as many as possible find alternative living arrangements and locate permanent housing significant resources will continue to be offered.  These resources include PATH, the LAPD and several teams from the County.   They will be further augmented by community members who are attempting to assist those whose vehicles are not currently operable.
The group expressed appreciation to the 2nd Supervisorial District for mobilizing the Departments of Mental Health, Public Health, and Public Social Services and the County CEO’s Office.  The LAPD, PATH and CD-11 staff were also acknowledged for their effective and humanitarian efforts over the past 2 years.


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