The State of California is facing a serious water supply shortage in light of this unprecedented drought.  Since turf grass is very expensive to maintain, requiring heavy water use and lots of attention, the Department of Water and Power is providing educational opportunities to residents interested in removing turf in favor of a California friendly landscape. These opportunities are a great way to for LADWP customers to save money and conserve water resources.
California Friendly Landscape Training
LADWP provides monthly workshops for residents to learn about the benefits of a California friendly landscape.  Participants will learn about the soil composition, site design, plant selection and irrigation.  Seating is limited so advanced enrollment is required. 
Hands On Workshops (HOW)*
Attendees of the California Friendly Landscape Training workshops are eligible to participate in a HOW where they can apply principles learned in their classroom training.  Participants will learn turf removal techniques, rain barrel installation, rain water capture and healthy soil construction.  The HOW will take place in the yard of a residential home with an active turf removal application.  Information about future dates can be found on the link located on the attached flyer.
*Only former attendees of our California Friendly Landscape Training are eligible to participate in the HOWs.  Applications from customers seeking consideration as a HOW host are currently being accepted.  HOW locations are randomly chosen from submitted applications that meet certain minimum criteria.  Program organizers are interested in receiving a good representation of applications from throughout the City.
The attached flyers have information about upcoming workshop dates and our website for more information.  Thank you for your continued support of the LADWP water conservation programs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cathie Chavez-Morris at regarding these opportunities.