The Westchester Community Plan Update (CPU) has the chance to prepare Westchester, Playa Vista, Playa Del Rey and Ladera in some very positive ways but if it does not take into consideration the accelerated development that has already happened in some communities, it could place undue burden on those stakeholders.

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How can you make your voice heard?

Following are some helpful links to resources to facilitate our community stakeholders to engage.

Key Contacts:

Jason Douglas, Senior Planning Deputy, Council District 11,

Naomi Guth, Planner, Los Angeles Planning Department,, (213) 978-1201

Key Milestones:

October 15, 2020 – deadline extended for public comment on Draft CPU

Reference Materials:

Link to general info about the Westside CPU Process…

Link to the existing Westchester Playa Community Plan (currently in force)…

Link to Planning the Westside’s latest “Virtual Open House” Documents including the Webinar PPT Slides…

Link to current DRAFT Westchester Playa Community Plan (the document for public comment between now and DEADLINE of Friday, August 31, 2020)