On July 14, 2016, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission approved and recommended that the City Council adopt an ordinance amending the Baseline Mansionization and Baseline Hillside Ordinances (BMO and BHO), which regulate development in single-family residential zones citywide. 
Attached to this message is a Letter of Determination notifying you of the Commission’s decision, as well as the text of the ordinance as approved by the City Planning Commission and the findings of fact in support of the Commission’s decision. Also attached is an updated Questions and Answers document that reflects the Commission’s approved ordinance. These documents may be viewed online at http://preservation.lacity.org/neighborhoodconservation under “Updates.”
The proposed ordinance will be considered next by the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee, followed by the full Council. As of this writing, the item has yet to be scheduled at the PLUM Committee. Anyone wishing to be notified when a hearing is scheduled may sign up for email alerts by visiting the appropriate Council File (CF 14-0656) on the City Clerk’s web site and clicking the email icon near the top of the page.
Any comments on the proposed ordinance should be addressed directly to the PLUM Committee and/or the City Council. Comments may be emailed toSharon.Dickinson@lacity.org; please reference Council File 14-0656 in your correspondence.
For questions, please contact:



Neighborhood Conservation Team
Department of City Planning

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