Tuesday, October 3, 2017 – 6:30 p.m

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 – 6:30 p.m.

Westchester Council Community Room

7166 Manchester Avenue, Westchester, CA  90045


Present: Gregg Aniolek, Paula Carlson, Scott Carni, Peter Dray, Tom Flintoft, Michael Frisch, Chris Gemgnani, Ted Grose, Don Hellwig, Cyndi Hench, Andrew Kamm, Patricia Morrison Lyon, Geoff Maleman, David Mannix, David Oliver, Alan Quon, Mark Redick, Garrett Smith, Jack Topal, Heather Tuttle, David Voss, Gordon Welty

Absent: John David Webster, Grace Yao, Janine Ying

Excused: Michele Cooley-Strickland, Fred Smith,

  1. Call to OrderPresident Hench called the meeting to order at 6:31 p.m.


  1. Pledge of Allegiance led by President Hench


  1. Introductions


  1. Announcements from Governmental Representatives


Gibson Nyambura of Department of Neighborhood Empowerment spoke re: Neighborhood Council elections being moved to 2019, on-line voting and demographic study of Neighborhood Councils.


Chuy Orozco of Councilman Mike Bonin’s Office spoke re: re-opening of the westbound traffic lane on Culver, Hepatitis A outbreak among the homeless, Scattergood improvements, DOT meeting re: cut-through traffic, Ballona Wetlands restoration DEIR, beach curfews, SB35 article re: Neighborhood Councils, new LAWA legislative representative, city trash ordinance


Daniel Tamm, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office spoke re: the Mayor’s Youth Council


  1. Public Comment - non-agenda items 


Mike Harriel of Southern California Gas Co. spoke re: the public Gas Co Open House and tour requested by the Neighborhood Council, which has been scheduled for Saturday, November 4 from 10am to 1pm


Gwen Vuchsas spoke re: Playa Venice Sunrise Rotary Club event honoring Neighborhood Council board member Garrett Smith


Loras Ourieff spoke re: Westchester Mental Health Guild’s Holiday Home Tour and Boutique … tickets can be purchased at www.airportmarina.org


Sharron King spoke re: decoy police cars and LAPD engagement in the community


David Voss spoke re: Road Diet Task Force and the negative impact of the road diet on local business owners


Scott Carni spoke re: construction of apartment building on Sepulveda Eastway and its impact on local neighbors


Tom Mallen spoke re: red curb that “disappeared” at Emerson/Manchester and wants it returned to protect views of drivers turning onto Manchester


  1. Presentations


  1. Get Up and Dance (created by Mayor's Youth Council) – Armaan Ismail and Hillary Sanchez presented apreview of October 21 event in Westchester Park   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/get-up-and-dance-tickets-37114559647 
  2. Venice Dual Force Main Project Update Talmage Jordan and Gevork Mkrtchyan his team from Bureau of Sanitation presented regarding the Venice Dual Force Main sewer line installation in Playa del Rey  https://www.lacitysan.org/san/faces/home/portal/s-lsh-sp/s-lsh-sp-vdfm


  1. Motions/Actions Items and Related Public Comment


    1. Consent Calendar:


      1. Approval of Minutes of previous Board meetings
      2. Receive and file the Treasurer's Report
      3. Motion to approve expenditure not to exceed $500 for equipment rental and supplies needed for Education Committee forum.  (Ed)


M/S Redick/Quon to approve the Consent Calendar. Motion passes unanimously.


      1. Motion to approve letter to request that Councilman Mike Bonin formally respond to the NCWP to confirm or deny the position stated by California State Sen. leader Kevin De Leon in a news cast on NBC4 Conan Nolan show that volunteer advisory groups "strangled" and "handcuffed" and "threatened" the City Council over housing development. This item was removed from the agenda by President Hench after NCWP received a letter from Councilman Bonin earlier in the day clarifying his position



    1. Discussion Calendar


      1. Motion to request changes to parking restrictions placed on the south side portion of 7000 block of Manchester Avenue, and the south side 7100 block of Manchester Avenue, to No parking during street cleaning periods and No oversized vehicles (measuring 7’ (H) X 21’ (L).  (Govt Affairs) called special by the public


Debra Mandelkorn spoke in favor of the motion


Chuy Orozco said a letter from the Senior Lead Officer is required to change parking restrictions on the street


M/S Maleman/Lyon to approve the motion. Motion passes unanimously.


      1. Motion to request the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety require applicants for a residential building / remodeling permit to repair or replace sub-standard sidewalks associated with the associated permitted property. (PLUC) called special by the public


Denny Schneider spoke re: suggested revisions to the proposed letter


M/S Voss/Lyon to approve the motion as revised. Motion passes unanimously (Gemgnani, Carlson abstained)


  1. New Board Member Appointment Tilmann Gruber (RD 14 Playa Vista)


Appointment confirmed unanimously by the board


  1. Committee Reports


Lyon (PLUM) reported that 8521 Sepulveda (Grinder project) – housing project with low-income density bonus, La Tijera project proposed to “reskin” retail center, 5529 Manchester looking to build public storage


Mannix (Airport Relations) reported that there is activity to move the LAX Airport Police station to LAX Northside as well as the BOS project at LAX Northside


Frisch (Senior Committee) reported that the committee is exploring a health fair for March/April 2018


Redick (Government Affairs) reported that the committee will be focusing on the trash ordinance


Aniolek/Carlson (Public Safety) reported that the committee discussed Westport Heights traffic issues, held a successful crime and safety Town Hall meeting and is exploring another meeting regarding CERT opportunities


Voss (Ad Hoc Road Diet) reported that the committee met to solicit ideas for how to deal with safety issues in lieu of the road diet, still hasn’t received response from Councilman Bonin’s Office to schedule a meeting with the committee


Lyon (Homelessness) reported that the committee continues to explore options for the homeless as the airport moves forward with construction in the Manchester Square area


Tuttle (Education) reported that at the last meeting So Cal Gas provided information to local principals about school funding that is available from the Gas Co to improve our local schools, and Nick Melvoin representative discussed plans to hold facilities forum


  1. Committee Assignments


  1. Announcements


  1. Adjourn –President Hench adjourned the meeting at 8:25 p.m.



Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 7, 2017 – 6:30 p.m.