The Senior Services Committee – Connecting Elders and Their Families with Local Resources 
The committee meets monthly to discuss and implement ways to better educate the community and families about availalbe senior services, outreach, and integration with a variety of programs that will enhance the lives of Seniors in our community.
The following are listing of the organizations represented on our Senior Services Committee with contact information and the services offered by each entity:
Affordable Living for the Aging – Contact Miriam at 213-261-3862.  ALA matches individuals who have exra space in their homes with people who need housing.  Share your home with a pre-screened ALA roommae and earn extra income, receive assistance with household chores, and enjoy a sense of security.
Westchester Senior Citizen Center (City of Los Angeles) – Contact Cristina Lovett at 310-649-3317.  The Westchester Senior Citizen Center strives to provide adults with a sage and inviting enironment in which to enjoy low cost lunches, physical excercise, special events, socializing, and staff to help with information on senior resources. 
Loyola Marymount University – Contact Andy O’Reilly at 310-258-5693.  LMU sponsors events for seniors including their Senior Tea Event.
Westchester Family YMCA – Contact John Loussararian at 310-981-5347.  The YMCA sponsors many Senior and Family wellness events.
Westside Pacific Village – Contact Carol Kitabayashi at 310-695-7030.  WPV provides assistance with chores and errands, friendly visits, minor home repairs, and transportation serices through the use of pre-screened volunteers.
Airport Marina Counseling Service – Contact Eden Garcia Balis at 310-670-1410.  AMCS provides affordable community based mental health services to individual, couples, families, and seniors at low cost.
Culver Palms Meals on Wheeels – Contact Pam Frieden at 310-559-0666.   Meals on Wheels delivers affordable meals to the homebound.
Sunrise Senior Living – Contact Ruthel Hoggatt at 310-862-2705.  Sunrise is a premier senior assisted living commmuintiy in Playa Vista.
GenX Financial and Insurance Services – Contact Michael Frisch (Chairman or the Senior Services Committee) 310-822-3500.  Genx provides free consultation to seniors and their families to assist with Long Term Care, estate planning, and financial resources available to from government and local sources.
Carol Hahn – Wellness and Fitness Nurse –  Contact 310-612-9064.
Jack Toppal – Board Member of NCWP – Outreach – 310-821-9519.
Julie Prewitt – Resource Volunteer – Contact 310-927-0360.  Serves and Supports the Community. 

Meetings of the Senior Service Committee are posted on the NCWP web site and take place the 4th Thursday of the month at 1:00 PM.  If you wish ot participate in our meetings and be part of the Senior Services Committee or feel you have addtional services to offer please contact Michael Frisch, Committee Chariman at 310-822-3500 ext. 24.
If you know of individuals or familites that are in need of special help or if you are willing to devote your time to assist any  of the above organizations, please feel free to call them directly for assistance.
Thank you.