Masks are Required as of April 10

person in face mask

The Mayor has issued a new order requiring the use of a mask or stores and services may decline to serve you. The order goes into effect Friday, April 10. The order calls for the face coverings that are not medical-grade masks or N95 respirators, but rather, fabric coverings, such as scarves and bandanas.

Under the Mayor’s emergency order, employers of many non-medical essential businesses must either provide workers with cloth face coverings that shield their noses and mouths or reimburse employees for their cost. Essential businesses must also implement physical distancing measures for employees, customers, and visitors; make sure employees have access to a clean and sanitary restroom, stocked with all necessary cleansing products like soap and sanitizer; and allow employees to wash their hands at least every 30 minutes. Non-medical essential businesses described in the order will be allowed to refuse service to customers who do not wear face coverings. The order also recommends that, whenever possible, businesses install plexiglass barriers between cashiers and customers. 

Informative links about face coverings: