Representing the communities of Westchester, Playa del Rey and Playa Vista

Planning and Land Use Committee on Nov 21, 2017

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa

Planning and Land Use Committee

Patricia Lyon

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 6:30pm

Meeting Place: 
Westchester Municipal Building Community Room / 7166 W Manchester Avenue, Westchester, CA 90045

Discussion/Action (Motion): 
  1. Welcome and Introduction

  2. Review and Approval - Minutes from 17 October 2017

  3. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items

  4. Information & Discussion Item - 7366 Osage (aka Mortuary)

    Background - First presentation to PLUC. New property owner/developer proposing replacement of current mortuary with public storage building. 45,000 sq ft. 45' height. Possible to build "by-right" without community input, but developer interested in collaborative process.

    • Presenter(s) - Bruce Erlich, AIA & Attorney representing Cardiff Mason Developers
    • Related Documents - if any, to be provided during meeting. 
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
  5. Information & Possible Action Item - Red Mountain Group re La Cienega-Centinela-La Tijera Triangle Commercial Redevelopment Project 

    Background - Second presentation to PLUC. Project: Red Mountain Group's rehabilitation and redevelopment in commercial area at the intersection of three streets named above. Site area totaling approximately 7 acres. 

    • Presenter(s): Alton M. Klein of the Red Mountain Group / Lori Gast, Red Mountain Group 
    • Related Documents - if any, to be provided during meeting 
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
  6. Information & Discussion Item - 8521 S Sepulveda Boulevard (aka The Grinder)

    Background - Second presentation to PLUC. Proposed 87-apartment building with 1,000 sq ft of commerical retail at 8521 S. Sepulveda (former Grinder restaurant). Density bonus incentives requested. Total of 8 units (11%) set aside for very low income occupants in exchange for a.) Increase in FAR to 3:1 in lieu of 1.5:1 FAR, B.) 20% decrease in required amount of open space (6900 sq ft instead of 8625). Developer also requests Section 13.08-based Community Design Overlay (CDO) variance for 75' height, 5-stories. City of LA Planning Department Case # ENV-2017-1736-EAF

    City Planning File

    • Presenter(s):Tanner Blackman - Kindel Gagen (Public Affairs Advocacy Firm) on behalf of Caladan Investments 
    • Related Documents - if any, to be provided during meeting. 
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
  7. Discussion & Possible Action Item - 5529 S Manchester (aka Public Storage)

    Background - Second discussion by PLUC. Proposal to demolish 4150 sq ft of existing retail due to lost visibility, resulting from concrete block wall built for Metro Extension. Proposed project would retain approximately 24,041 sq ft of retail and will add approximately 73,674 sq ft of self-storage in a 7-story building adjacent to Metro Extension. Total land area is approximately 65,171 sq ft. 

    • Presenter(s): none.
    • Related Documents: if any, to be provided during meeting. 
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
  8. Discussion & Action Item - Ballona Wetlands pending Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)

    Background - Second discussion by PLUC. The Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve Restoration Draft Environmental Review: a public review process is currently underway and deadline for comment has been extended to February 5, 2018. Discussion re optiosn for supporting this community review process. 

    • Presenter(s): none.
    • Related Documents: if any, to be provided during meeting. 
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
  9. Previous Committee Action Updates

    • Home Sharing Ordinance
    • Sidewalk Improvement Requirement tied to Building Permitting
    • Planning inquiry: NCWP - where in the queue re Community Plan Update?
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  11. Meeting Adjourned

Public Comment Request

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