Representing the communities of Westchester, Playa del Rey and Playa Vista

Planning and Land Use Committee on Feb 20, 2018

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa

Planning and Land Use Committee

Patricia Lyon

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 6:30pm

Meeting Place: 
Westchester Municipal Building Community Room / 7166 W Manchester Avenue, Westchester, CA 90045

Discussion/Action (Motion): 
  1. Welcome and Introduction

  2. Minutes Review and Approval - 16 January 2018

  3. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items

  4. Informational / Update re Draft Home Sharing Ordinance [Council File # 14-1635-S2]

    Background: Currently short term rentals (aka AirBnb and similar) are not permitted in Los Angeles. However residents are listing properties on short term rental brokering sites. Therefore, in 2014, the City Council began a process to formulate an ordinance to define operating standards and regulations for short term rentals. On 2/6/18, PLUM took up the issue and asked for further study. The NC Board took a position to oppose the draft ordinance (6/2017) and later crafted a Community Impact Statement (9/2017) which was attached to the Council file. 

    Note: Public comment invited; email comments to Reference Council File #14-1635-S2 to confirm your comments are included in the public record for this issue. 

    • Presenter(s): TBD
    • Related Documents: See Council File
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
  5. Action / Tocaya Organica @ 12150 Millenium Drive (Playa Vista) [ZA-2018-354-CUB]

    Background: Conditional Use Permit to allow the sale and dispensing of a full line of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption in conjunction with the oepration of an existing restaurant (Tocaya Organica) with 4633 sq ft, 115 seats (inside and patio dining), hours of operation are 11:00am to 10:00pm daily. 

    • Presenter(s): Margaret Taylor, Apex LA - Planning Consultant for restaurant applicant 
    • Related Documents: 
      • Project Description and Information
      • Site Plan
      • Floor Plan
      • Menu
      • Radius Map 
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
    • Committee Action
  6. Action / 5711 W 74th Street / Local Daycare Conditional Use Permit 

    Background: Fourth presentation to PLUC. Creative Explores seeks support to obtain CUP for in-home daycare to expland enrollment. R1 zone property. 

    • Presenter(s): Mary and Stephen De La Rosa, home and business co-owners. Lisset and Manny Gutierrez, business co-owners. 
    • Related Documents
      • Previous: see documents posted for 01/2018 PLUC meeting (found on this website: Planning and Land Use Committee page).
      • New (presented at meeting): collection of community letters sent to PLUC
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
    • Committee Action: Support or Deny CUP
  7. Action / 8521 S Sepulveda Boulevard (aka Grinder property) [Planning Department Case File # ENV-2017-1736-EAF]

    Background: Third presentation to PLUC. PRoposed 87-unit apartment building with 1000 sq ft of commercial retail. Density bonus incentives requested. Total of 8 units (11%) set aside for very low income occupants in exchange for a.) increase in FAR to 3:1 in lieu of 1.5:1 FAR and b.) 20% decrease in required amount of open space (6000 in lieu of 8625). Developer is alos requesting Section 13.08-based Community Design Overlay (CDO) variance for 75' height, 5 stories. 

    • Presenter(s): Tanner Blackman - Kindel Gagen (Public Affairs Advocacy Firm) on behalf of Caladan Investments.
    • Related Documents: if any, provided during meeting. 
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
  8. Informational / HHLA (aka The Promenade at Howard Hughes) Redevelopment

    Background: Second presentation to PLUC (first presentation 01/2017). Laurus Corporatoin renovation project. 

    • Presenter(s): Belinda Jacobs, General Manager of HHLA 
    • Related Documents: if any, provided at the meeting. 
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
  9. Informational / 7407 La Tijera (aka 74th & La Tijera) 

    Background - Merger of multiple parcels into one. Multi-unit dwelling building received City Planning Commission approval 09/2013. NC Board issued conditional support for the project 05/08/2013. Building specs: 

      • 140 units: 127 market rate, 13 Very Low Income (reserved for seniors per NC condition.) 
      • 227 Residential parking spaces (1.6 spaces per unit) + 14 Retail parking spaces (exceeds code minimum for parking by 76 stalls, per NC Condition).
      • Apartment typesL 49 studios, 76 1+1, 16 2+2. 
      • 2 Retail Spaces: approx 1391 sq ft and approx 1224 sq ft (total of approx 2615 sq ft)
    • Presenter(s): Burns & Bouchard (Community affairs rep for developer) and Steel Wave. 
    • Related Documents
    • Text of original NC Board Letter of Conditional Support
    • Text of original Councilman Bonin Letter to community re conditions successfully negotiated with original developer Tri-Cal. 
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
  10. Announcements

    • Special PLUC meeting re Legislative Review
    • Ethics training (1x every 2 years)
  11. Meeting Adjournment

Public Comment Request

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