Education on Sep 27, 2017

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa - Education Committee

NCWP Education Committee Special Meeting - September 27th at 6:30pm


Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 6:30pm

Meeting Place: 
Westchester Municipal Building Community Room, 7166 W. Manchester Avenue (corner of Lincoln Boulevard), Los Angeles, CA 900456:30pm Call to Order – Dr. Michele Cooley Strickland, Chair Vote to approve August 23, 2017 Meeting Minutes Public Comment on Non

Discussion/Action (Motion): 
  1. 6:30pm Call to Order – Dr. Michele Cooley Strickland, Chair

    Vote to approve August 23, 2017 Meeting Minutes

    Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items (2 minutes maximum) – Complete a Speaker Card*

    New Business 

  2. Action Item 1: SoCalGas Educational Opportunity for Local STEM Schools

    The Public Affairs Manager of SoCalGas, Mike Harriel, contacted the NCWP Education Committee because resources had been identified by SoCalGas to invest in the local Westchester/Playa schools. A modest amount is available this year, with a larger amount to be allocated next year. Initial discussions resulted in targeting STEM-focused middle and high schools in Westchester/Playa for this first year. To that end, Mr. Harriel and the principals of the following schools have been invited to join the NCWP Education Committee in discussing potential next steps in this exciting school/community endeavor:

    New Middle School Pathway – Principal Kyle Hunsberger

    Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets High School – Principal Dr. Janet Mack

    Wright STEAM Magnet Middle School – Principal Christina Wantz (a representative will be available as Principal Wantz had a prior commitment)

    Committee Discussion on Action Item 1

    Potential Plans of Action


    Motion and Vote to support/modify/deny Action Item 1

  3. Action Item 2: LAUSD Facilities Forum for Westchester/Playa

    At the August 23, 2017 meeting the NCWP Education Committee unanimously voted to host an LAUSD Facilities Forum for the Westchester/Playa Community. Since then a Motion was submitted to the NCWP Board at its September Board meeting; the Board voted to approve the Forum. The Education Committee needs to develop letters of invitation to panelists. A draft letter to LAUSD Board Member Nick Melvoin is attached for discussion purposes. Additional next steps will be discussed (e.g., location, Forum co-hosts).

    Committee Discussion on Action Item 2

    Potential Plans of Action


    Motion and Vote to support/modify/deny Action Item 2

  4. Action Item 3: Discussion of Community Inquiries – UPDATE


    At the August NCWP Education Committee meeting, several school representatives and community members expressed significant traffic safety concerns around: 1) Loyola Village Elementary School; 2) Cowan Elementary, Kentwood Preschool, and WISH Middle School; and 3) New Middle School Pathway. They asked if it’s possible to have Councilmember Bonin and LAUSD initiate mitigating measures to reduce speeding and failures-to-stop at the intersections. They reported that the frequency of morning and afternoon violations on a daily basis may lead to a major accident involving school children. Potential solutions include police citations, speed bumps, crossing guards, new striping, and additional signage that school children are present. The NCWP Education Committee has made inquiries to Councilmember Bonin’s office and LAUSD Local District West on this school-related traffic safety issue.


    Committee Discussion on Action Item 3

    Potential Plans of Action


    Motion and Vote to support/modify/deny Action Item 3

  5. Action Item 4: Community Outreach and Announcements

    LMU: Government and Community Relations

    Otis College of Art and Design

    LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce – Education Committee

    Local Schools and Groups

    Committee Discussion on Action Item 4

    Motion and Vote to support/modify/deny Action Item 4

    Next meeting – October 25, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Westchester Municipal Building Community Room. Meetings for the remainder of 2017 are: November 15th and December 20th.

    Motion to Adjourn (Target: 8:00pm).

    *The public is requested to fill out a SPEAKER CARD to address the Board on any item of the agenda 

Public Comment Request

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