Education on Sep 25, 2018

Education Committee - Special Meeting

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa


Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 6:30pm

Meeting Place: 
Westchester-Loyola Village Library Conference Room, 7114 W. Manchester Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045

Discussion/Action (Motion): 
  1. 6:30pm Call to Order – Dr. Michele Cooley Strickland, Chair


    Vote to approve June 27, 2018 Meeting Minutes 


    Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items (2 minutes maximum) – Complete a Speaker Card*


    New Business

  2. Action Item 1: Continued Planning for Motion to support the formation of a 0-5 Daycare/Preschool Facilities Task Force for the Westside. 

    The housing shortage in Los Angeles also extends to a critical shortage in available local, affordable daycare and preschools for families with 0-5 year old children. As Westchester/Playa and the Westside of Los Angeles attract younger families as homeowners and renters, the demand for 0-5 childcare also increases. In response to theneed for a coordinated effort involving local, city, and state entities to increase the availability of facilities that may support daycare and preschools, the Education Committee needs to propose a motion to the NCWP Board for a task force. Considerations for the discussion include whetherpreschools are private businesses and whether First 5 is a state program that places it outside of the NCWP charter. 


    Committee discussion on Action Item 1



    Motion to support/modify/deny Action Item 1

  3. Action Item 2: Explore Ways to Make the NCWP Board Activities More Accessible and Transparent.Transparency and accessibility are critical elements in serving our community. For families, easing the barriers to participating in the NCWP would promote their engagement. As discussed previously, one means of doing this would be to broadcast the NCWP Board meetings in real-time via an Internet-based broadcasting system. To make local governance more accessible and transparent to families and other stakeholders in our community, the NCWP Education Committee submitted a motion to the NCWP Board to develop the capability for live real-time broadcasting of the NCWP Board meetings (ideally receiving questions/comments from community).


    Since this issue was originally discussed, a presentation was made by MyLiveDistrict regarding live streaming our NCWP Board meetings.  Following the meeting, Board members had the opportunity to email questions and concerns from the Board in preparation for a proposal to be brought to the Board. They include:


    • …gives an opportunity for more people to complain without being accountable for their complaint. I would value the feedback from Venice on how to go forward. They are a trial so to speak on how it has helped or hindered their board.


    • If you move forward with the live streaming one camera could do it. You can easily ask people to come to a designated microphone and speak from there. The room could be changed slightly to accommodate a one microphone with podium to manage the camera. 


    • … a number of board members saying they did not like being on camera and felt that the presence of cameras would both stifle discussion from many and lead to grandstanding for the camera [… change the character of our meetings and not for the better].  


    • … we WANT people to come to the meeting so we get their feedback and though it might possibly increase outreach it would be to the detriment to participation which wasn’t worth it.  


    • … problem of an open or “hot mic” picking up conversations not intended to be broadcast


    • … who is going to be the TV producer switching back and forth on the fly to select the appropriate camera…


    • … without dramatically changing the setup of our meetings (central podium for ALL presenters and government reps) and a multiplicity of cameras with microphones all over the room you can [not] fairly present all sides of the issues by streaming. 


    • … doing one camera as a trial makes no sense to me at all.  Doing it half baked just to try it is a bad idea.  There will no doubt be some who login out of curiosity, but mere numbers of eyeballs doesn’t tell the story about whether we have fairly presented the meeting as a whole, nor would it tell how many of the initial viewers would drop off over the following months once the novelty wears off.


    • … until we do a better job of just improving our existing website and putting the materials and presentation online in a more accessible manner, I just don’t see taking this next step.


    •  What are the alternative options [to MyLiveDistrict] for live steaming to our Stakeholders? I would like to see presentations from other firms on this subject.


    •  What are the costs really associated with this project? I would like to see concrete bids from each of the contractors, making certain that the committee working on this has checked references, visited their installs in live form, and verified that they are City licensed businesses.


    •  What are the ancillary costs associated after the install? It sounded the other evening as if there is a monthly service fee but beyond that not every committee is tech savvy or has the people power to set up and tear down equipment.  That being the case we may need to consider a support person who is compensated by us.  A Film School student appeals to me, however, realizing the goals of a young person do not always coincide with reliability/dependability, plus each school year or semester we would have turnover.  Thus an hourly person who is trainable and dependable is critical.  Then the cost needs to be imputed into the overall  implementation.  Wrapped into that discussed is How do other NCs do it?  Maybe we can learn from them. 


    • Last, is clearing any physical installs, wiring etc with the Council office and City. If wiring or adaptation of the environment is needed, will it  wed us to one meeting location?  i.e., the Community Room. 


    • … when within the City guidelines also realize that Major Consistency is critical.  In other words, if it is part of our protocol then every Committee Meeting and Board Meeting and General Meeting must be following the same process.


      • … to have any type of professional appearance you would need a minimum of two cameras if not three. Probably a half-dozen lights and honestly I'm not sure yet how to handle the audio. Probably some type of Wireless microphone for audience questions and two or three table stand microphones that can be passed from one board member to another. 
      • In addition you're going to need a camerman for each camera and one guy or girl on a switching board that can talk to the cameraman directing them into different shots and cutting back and forth between the cameras. 
      • You're also going to need a powerful Wi-Fi station inside the room. Probably something like an AirPort Extreme.
    • … see if LMU's TV production School would be interested in making this part of their ongoing curriculum for their students. The lights could be permanently hung, so the commitment would simply be to provide the three or four students it would take, once a month, to come in, set up cameras and capture the meeting.



      • Keep it simple at first.  No one has time for a complicated set up. One camera, one fixed location.  What Venice Beach is doing is a good example.   


           Committee discussion on Action Item 2


    Motion to support/modify/deny Action Item 2

  4. Action Item 3: Community Outreach and Announcements


    LMU: Government and Community Relations


    Otis College of Art and Design


    LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce 


    Local Schools                       


    Local Groups


    Next meeting– October 24, 2018 at 6:30pm in the Westchester Municipal Building Community Room.


    Motion to Adjourn (Target: 8:00pm).

Public Comment Request

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