Education on May 29, 2019

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa


Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 6:30pm

Meeting Place: 
Westchester Library Community Meeting Room

Discussion/Action (Motion): 
  1. 1.      6:30pm Call to Order – Heather Tuttle, Chair

    2.  Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items (2 minutes maximum) – Complete a Speaker Card*

    3)New Business- Status of Grant Applications 


    Action Item 1:  Los Angeles Unified School District Local District 4 board member, Nick Melvoin, holds a commity meeting to address our local schools.  


    ·     Committee discussion on Action Item 1


    • MAIN QUESTION OF THE EVENING: How can we work in partnership to help strengthen our local schools?

      • We need tangible goals not open-ended promises for our local schools.


    • What can we do to ensure our schools see the impact potential increased funds have?

        • Teacher Compensation

        • Facility Improvements

        • Resources for students and teachers

    • How will you manage funds without spending $500 million more per year than you make?


    • How can the District, in partnership with businesses, facilitate an internship program for seniors at WESM related to the CTE pathways of Building and Construction, Sports Therapy, and Technical certifications? Additionally, what specific District partnerships are feasible in this endeavor?


    • Schools are losing valuable resources- ex. SPED coordinators, counselors and nurses, class sizes are increasing as your enrollment decreases. What is the district’s plan to combat this?


    • How do you plan to use the successful techniques of non-corporate charter schools and independent private schools  at your pilot schools and all schools to create improvement and change? 


    • Host schools at co-located campuses have been short-changed in a variety of way- funds being withheld, improvements made on campus for the newly co-located school and not the host school, etc. Is there a plan in effect to ease tensions between host schools and give them the compensation and facility improvements they deserve?


    • We would like to develop public-private partnerships to invest in specific projects in our local schools but need ease of LAUSD “red tape” to do so. If — for example — the WESMHS football field, tennis courts, and/or outdoor track were the target of a community building campaign, what good faith efforts would the District pledge to facilitate this endeavor?


    • How can the use of Booster Clubs and hosted fundraising be used in equitable ways throughout the district?


    • Can you provide a comparison of facilities projects funded through bond measures for , Crenshaw, Dorsey, Fairfax, Hamilton,University and Venice High Schools?


    • What is projected enrollment in our community and do we have adequate facilities to keep our schools "local


    • Are there any plans to provide more public preschools with LAUSD? There was a bill proposed back in 2015 "preschool for all". Now the intention is to provide preschools to low income families. Which is wonderful but public preschools should be provided for all the children. In the Westchester/Playa area there is only one public preschool. All others lost their funding. What determines where these public preschools are housed?

    • Any plans to expand the age of preschool? Most start at 4 years old but there is a huge gap 0-5 that needs to be filled and a huge demand for working families looking for quality affordable child care.

    • The preschools currently funded by LAUSD in a recent study scored poorly for quality. What are the plans to increase quality in those programs?



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