Education on Feb 27, 2019

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa - Education Committee

Feb 27, 2019 NCWP Education Committee Meeting


Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 6:30pm

Meeting Place: 
Westchester Municipal Building Community Room, 7166 W. Manchester Avenue (corner of Lincoln Blvd, across from Westchester-Loyola Village Library), Los Angeles, CA 90045

Discussion/Action (Motion): 
  1. 6:30pm Call to Order – Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland, Chair

    Public Commenton Non-Agenda Items (2 minutes maximum) – Complete a Speaker Card*

    New Business

    Action Item 1: LAX Coastal Education Foundation’s Rock, Roll and Run for Education – March 9that LMU

    For the fourth or fifth consecutive year, it is proposed that the NCWP Education Committee asks the NCWP to sponsor a booth at the 5K fund raising event for local schools, in collaboration with the Outreach Committee. This very large all-community event showcases local organizations and unites Westchester, Playa del Rey, and Playa Vista. For the past two years, we have had a popcorn machine (which has been extremely well received) and NCWP Outreach information/giveaways to assist in promoting the visibility of the NCWP and its resources. This year will have the added bonus of promoting the NCWP election. 

    Committee discussion on Action Item 1

    Motion to support/modify/deny Action Item 1

  2. Action Item 2: Discussion of Uses and Allocation of $1,500 Annual Set-Aside Funds for the Education Committee to identify Grant Recipients among Westchester/Playa Public Schools

    The NCWP Budget Committee has allocated $1,500 to the NCWP Education Committee for grants to local schools. Last year, thousands and thousands of dollars were awarded to local Westchester/Playa schools through NCWP’s Neighborhood Purposes Grant (NPG) mechanism. Due to this year’s budget constraints, there is less funding available to NPGs. The Education Committee must decide how to award the available set-aside funds.

    Committee discussion on Action Item 2

    Motion to support/modify/deny Action Item 2

  3. Action Item 3A: Update and Discussion on Ways to Make the NCWP Board Activities More Accessible: Arroyo Seco Babysitting Proposal 


    The Secretary of the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council sent the following email request to be discussed at the Education Committee for consideration:


    For the last few months the ASNC Education and Youth Committee has been researching what it would take to provide child care at the monthly board meetings. We were able to get a list of the rules and requirements via Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing. Through City Hall we discovered some documents which officially list the need for childcare as a "Mitigating barrier to participation." Armed with this information I've put together a CIS to be attached to a budget council file (17-0600-S41). I've been told with 50 of the 99 councils supporting this measure we can get this through the City Council. The hope is also that as NCs sign on that the City Council will introduce their own measure to fund the program. We are advocating for 2 caregivers for 3 hours at $15/hr for the monthly board meetings (which is only around $107,000 for all 99 councils!). We are also asking that a system be created in which Councils can request childcare at other events through their individual budgets. So with that in mind I'm looking for other NC members to introduce this CIS to their Council as well as share with other Councils. I've attached all the relevant documents and am happy to answer any questions you might have.




    The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council (ASNC) requests the city amend the proposed budget to fund a program of childcare in the neighborhood council system. The “Plan For A Citywide System Of Neighborhood Councils” lists the need for childcare as one of two “Mitigating barriers to participation” (Article VII, Item 12, sub-section D) in the formation and development of Neighborhood Councils. The ASNC believes that this “barrier” continues past the point of certification and as such maintains an unequal level of access to the services of the Neighborhood Council system. Such a program would serve the monthly Neighborhood Council board meetings by providing 2 qualifying adults for 3 hours at a rate of $15/hr. Furthermore The ASNC believes that the city should provide a system to access these caregivers for meetings outside of monthly board meetings, such as town halls and committee meetings. The cost of which to be paid out of individual council budgets.

    Committee discussion on Action Item 3A

    Motion to support/modify/deny Action Item 3A

  4. Action Item 3B: Update and Discussion on Ways to Make the NCWP Board Activities More Accessible: LiveStreaming NCWP Board Meetings and Other Activities to Enhance Public Access

    At the June 27, 2018 NCWP Education Committee meeting, a proposal was developed and Motion submitted to the NCWP Board to consider LiveStreaming the NCWP Board meetings in order to enhance accessibility to the actions and resources of the NCWP for the communities of Westchester, Playa del Rey, and Playa Vista. The NCWP Board formed a LiveStream Ad Hoc Committee. An exploration of next steps and other opportunities to increase public access to NCWP activities will be discussed.

    Committee discussion on Action Item 3B

    Motion to support/modify/deny Action Item 3B

  5. Action Item 4: Homelessness and Local Schools


    The NCWP Homeless Committee collected donations from the Westchester/Playa community to create Personal Care Kits for local homeless people. “The People Project” was very successful and resulted in surplus of items. The Chair of the Homeless Committee, Pat Lyon, contacted the Education Committee to ask if any of the local schools might have homeless families in need of supplies. In reaching out to a few local public schools, it was apparent the homelessness is indeed a challenge for some of their families. For example, at one Westchester middle school two different families reside in their cars: a student lives with his mother in their car and another mother lives with her three children in their car. The children go to the school despite living in their cars. On behalf of the Homeless Committee, the Education Committee is distributing the surplus Personal Care Kits to the identified schools.


    The NCWP Education Committee should discuss additional ways to work with the NCWP Homeless Committee in assisting local families with school-aged children who have no homes.

    Committee discussion on Action Item 4

    Motion to support/modify/deny Action Item 4

  6. Action Item 5: NCWP Education Committee Membership and Officers


    Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland has served as Chair of the Committee for five years. In addition, there are two (and possibly three) seats available for membership on the NCWP Education Committee. As such, the Committee needs to discuss new officers and new membership. 

    Committee discussion on Action Item 5

    Motion to support/modify/deny Action Item 5

  7. Action Item 6: Community Outreach and Announcements

    LMU: Government and Community Relations

    Otis College of Art and Design

    LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce

    Local Schools           

    Local Groups

    0-5 Daycare/Preschool Facilities Task Force for the Westside 


    Next meeting– March 27, 2019 at 6:30pm in the Westchester Municipal Building Community Room.

    Motion to Adjourn (Target: 7:30pm).

    7:30pm Meeting: First Meeting of the 0-5 Daycare/Preschool Facilities Task Force for the Westside (Chair: Heather Tuttle)

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